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AAHKS President Dr. Springer and Dr. Rana met with House of Representative Ways & Means staff to discuss the future of healthcare reform.


See on Amazon Prime, why Andy Murray underwent Hip Resurfacing.

Date 11/26/2019

What let Andy Murray to consider Hip Resurfacing and an attempt to return to professional tennis.

Date April 2018

Review of the literature to analyze the risk and benefits of anterior total hip replacement.

Date: April 2017

Dr. Boettner reports on a new technique to improve acetabular component position using a direct anterior approach.


No place like home after total knee and total hip replacement. Article on the benefits of going home after replacement surgery.

Date 2/1/2016

The anterior approach can accommodate early discharge and outpatient total hip replacement.

Date 3/2014

Some surgeons say anterior hip replacements, in which the incision is made at the front of the hip instead of through the buttocks or the side, result in decreased pain and faster recovery.

Date 11/2013

For people with severe arthritis, knee or hip replacement may have an added benefit: a reduction in the risk for cardiovascular disease.

Date 4/8/2013

New York Times "Surprise Path to Better Sex: Hip Surgery: A recent New York Times article reports on the significant impact Hip Surgery on patients’ sex life."

Date 3/22/2013

WebMD: "Return to Work Rate High After Total Knee Replacement: A recent paper presented at the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons suggest that 98% of patients are able to return to work after total knee replacement. Please talk to Dr. Boettner whether or not a minimal invasive total knee replacement is indicated for you.

Date 3/18/2013

New York Times: "A New Approach to Hip Surgery: this article describes a new approach to total hip replacement. Please talk to Dr. Boettner if you are a candidate for this procedure."

Date 9/25/2012

USA Today: "Knee Replacement on the increase in older adults: The researchers found the number of primary replacements among Medicare patients increased from 93,230 in 1991 to 243,802 in 2010 (an increase of 161.5%)."

Date 4/1/2012 Crains

"Hospital eye boomers’ joints: Millions of aging knees and hips mean growth for market leaders Hospital for Special Surgery,…"

Date 2/28/2012

New York Times: "Well, Knee Replacement might be a life saver for some: The article describes the significant health benefits of undergoing total knee replacement for advanced arthritis of the knee."

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