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Zoom Telemedicine Appointments

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic of 2020 has impacted our daily routines and how we are providing care to our patients. In order to continue to provide care we are using Zoom as a platform to connect for appointments.

To schedule your appointment, just call us at 212.774.2127 or email us at and request a video visit.

What is a video visit?

A video visit is similar to an office visit, only instead of traveling to see us you can video conference with Dr. Boettner from your home. During the visit Dr. Boettner can assess your symptoms, recommend treatment, or just spend time with you reviewing treatment options or discussing surgery.

What types of appointments can I schedule as video visits?

We are currently currently scheduling for the following appointment types for a telemedicine appointment:

  • Postop appointments: within the first 4 months after surgery
  • Preop appointments to discuss your upcoming surgery or questions about surgery
  • Regular follow up appointments to review pain management, exercises etc.
  • New Patient Appointments for patients from the state of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut

Can I have an appointment if I am from a state that Dr. Boettner is not licensed in?

Yes, it is legal for you to schedule a telemedicine appointment if you are from out of state but have been a patient of Dr. Boettner in the past or are a new patient from New York State, New Jersey or Connecticut.

All other new patients can currently not schedule a telemedicine appointment; however, we encourage you to call the office to schedule a New Patient appointment in the future at 212.774.2127 or emailing

How can I schedule a video visit?

Please call our office 212.774.2127, email us at or request an online appointment on this website.

What do I need to do prior to the appointment ?

  1. You need to install Zoom App on your iphone or computer. The Zoom app is available for download in the App store (for apple phones) or Google Play (for Androids)

  2. Open the App and click on "JOIN"

  3. The last step is to click the join a meeting icon in the app and type in the meeting ID and password that will be provided by the office prior to the scheduled time. Make sure to select "Call using Internet Audio" and unmute the microphone and start the video in the lower section of the screen.

What can I do if I cannot install Zoom on my phone or computer?

If you do not have access to Zoom, Dr. Boettner is willing to use Facetime or Skype. Please be reminded that both options are not HIPPA compliant and should only be used if other options are not available.

Does your insurance cover the cost of an online visit?

Any appointment that occurs 90 days after surgery will not incur a charge. For other video appointments types most insurances are covering "telehealth visits". Insurances that are currently covering telehealth are BCBS, Aetna, Oxford/United, CIGNA and Medicare. Insurances are making updates daily so please contact the office for the most up to date list. If you are outside the 90 day post-op coverage window and your insurance is not listed, Dr. Boettner will waive any charges.

How can I upload my images into the HSS system?

Please click on the following link to upload your images:

Detailed information on how to proceed to upload your DICOM images into the HSS Imaging system you find here
HSS Radiology Image Upload Guide

If you do not have DICOM images or you have difficulty uploading the images, you can alternatively open the image on your computer and take a screenshot of the image and mail it to

What if I need an appointment and I want to see a doctor in-person?

Dr. Boettner is available for face to face appointments. If you have an emergency, a fracture or infection or if you feel that your situation requires a face to face visit, we will always find ways to accommodate your visit with us in one of our three locations.

Please tell us if you have a fever or display flu like symptoms or have been in contact with somebody that tested positive for COVID 19 or traveled outside the US recently. We will decide if a face to face appointment is warranted and safe.

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